Medicare-eligible Veterans, you have options when it comes to healthcare. You will find information that all Veterans should know when they become Medicare eligible.

Meds By Mail

CHAMPVA medication by mail program called “MEDS BY MAIL” offers prescription medication delivered to your home. There is NO cost share or co-pay. PAYS 100%

CHAMPVA Handbook

Contains important benefit information that is of interest to you. You are highly encouraged to carefully read the handbook prior to using CHAMPVA benefits.

CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan | Features
The CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan May Provide You With The Protection You May Need When A Serious Covered Accident Or Sickness Occurs.

CHAMPVA Insurance Features

The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) is a health benefits program in which the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shares the cost of certain health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries.


In general the CHAMPVA program covers most health care services and supplies that are medically and psychologically necessary. Upon confirmation of eligibility, you will receive program material that specifically addresses covered and non-covered services and supplies in the form of a CHAMPVA handbook.

GEA CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan:

100% coinsurance

100% out-of-pocket costs for covered services

Pays 100% of Doctors Visits, Pharmacy, and Hospital Co-pays

Comprehensive coverage

Issuance of ID cards

Priced to fit Your Budget As well As Your Needs

Smokers Pay Same Price As Non-smokers

Coverage at Almost Any Hospital and Any doctor

Guaranteed acceptance (subject to 6 month pre-existing condition limitation**)

CHAMPVA when used with the Supplement
Pays 100% of Doctors’ Visits and Hospital Co-Pays*

75% Doctor Visits25% of Doctor visits$0.00
75% Hospitalization Impatient / Outpatient25% for Hospitalization$0.00
Rx Copay PharmacySupplement Pays Rx Copay
75% of Prescriptions25% of Prescriptions$0.00

* After the CHAMPVA Deductible and CHAMPVA Supplement Insurance Plan Deductible have been met.


The CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan, when combined with your CHAMPVA benefits, is designed to provide you with the protection you need when you need it. The plan will pay your cost share for both covered inpatient and outpatient medical expenses after you satisfy the calendar year plan deductible of $250 per person, $500 family maximum. Take a moment now to read the details inside. Then enroll today to give your family the additional protection of the GEA CHAMPVA Supplement Insurance Plan that complements your CHAMPVA benefits.


The thousands of government employees who belong to the association give GEA a strong voice to advocate for issues that impact current and former government employees. This strong voice enables GEA to foster support for those issues that matter to government employees and their families, and also offer valuable member benefits at an affordable cost, including TRICARE Supplement and CHAMPVA Supplement. You must be a GEA member to enroll in the TRICARE Supplement and CHAMPVA Supplement plan. The GEA membership form is included with Enrollment Form and can be added to your premium option.

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This website is designed for all service members regardless of Rank, Service or Duty Status and our 100% Service Related Disabled Veterans and their eligible Beneficiaries . Our mission is to provide professional service to you in gratitude for the courageous and professional manner you have defended our County and Liberty.


Over the next few pages, you can review the CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan to the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Administration Center for family members of disabled Veterans (who are CHAMPVA eligible). You will find information regarding Vision, Dental and Medicare Supplemental Insurance for eligible Veterans their Beneficiaries

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Click the Print Enrollment Form. Fill in the forms, include payment, mail to the address on the Instructions. Applications received by end of the month are made effective the First of the Following Month.


If you would like assistance completing the forms, give us a call. 888-654-3129 ext. 3


You will receive your packet including Insurance Policy and Supplement ID Card.


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CHAMPVA Supplement Plan Details
Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

Individual VISION Insurance Plans start $10.67,
Family from $29.34


Quote provides VISION & DENTAL plans available in your area. Click & view details to see plan coverage.

Dental and Vision Quote

Medicare and Veteran’s Affair (VA) Benefits

Although the VA Veteran’s Affair (VA) and Medicare are both Government Health Programs and if you are eligible for both, it is important to know your options.

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare and Veterans

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